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Sufa cinetica plasma 9.5mm elongatie 30%, 9.5T

Sufa recuperare cinetica 22mm x 9m, 9.5tone, elongatie 30% cu cablu sintetic din nylon 66 de 9.5mm cu invellis dublu tesut cu protectie la abraziune, garantie 1 an. Geanta inclusa in pret

Ochiuri intarite cu poliuretan, geanta transport si depozitare inclusa in pret.

Punct minim de rupere 9,500kg
Dimensiuni 9m x 22mm
Elongatie 30%



Pret cu TVA 19%: 675 LEI
0 LEI + 19% TVA = 675 LEI
Pret EUR (1 EUR=4.5 LEI):150 EUR

6 buc. În stoc la București

Manufactured with a high strength nylon 66 (polyamide) double braid cover and abrasion resistant core and designed to stretch up to 30% (only 20% for traditional webbing recovery straps) increasing kinetic energy.

The 9m rope features reinforced polyurethane (PU) coated eyelets and a protective sleeve.

Ironman 4x4's 9,500kg Kinetic Snatch Rope provides a smoother build up and release of kinetic energy, resulting in a more effective recovery compared to conventional webbing recovery straps

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