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Set 2 Drop Box heavy duty Patrol Y60-61 pentru lift 100-150mm

Set 2 Drop Box Nissan Patrol Y60 / 61 pentru lift 100-150 mm

Corecteaza pozitia puntii fata cu 5 grade

Ofera 15mm corectie in fata a puntii fata pentru spatiu mai mare pentru anvelope

8mm / 5 mm otel cu ranforsare laterala pe toata lungimea

Protectie la coroziune

Se monteaza foarte usor

Garantie 3 ani / 60.000 km



Pret cu TVA 19%: 1 125 LEI
0 LEI + 19% TVA = 1 125 LEI
Pret EUR (1 EUR=4.5 LEI):250 EUR

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These ultra robust fabricated drop boxes increase caster by 5 degrees for use in vehicles with 4-6” raised suspension.

Additionally, the drop boxes lower the rear mounting point of the front radius arm to reduce bump-steer and and provide a 15mm wheelbase correction to increase clearance for larger tyres.

  • 5 Degree caster correction
  • 5mm wheelbase correction
  • Reduces bump steer and restores handling
  • No modification required
  • 8mm / 5mm steel fabricated construction with additional gussets
  • EDP corrosion protection and powder coated
  • Sold as a set


3 Years / 60,000km's

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